Program Summary Brochures – Download and click on Read-Only to view the brochures

We customize any behavioral program across levels of Management. While there is a whole list of programs that we do, here is a list of recently added programs:

Game-Based Solutions
1) The Amazon Adventure
2) Escape Room – 4 Hour Gamified Simulation
3) Asia’s first Immersive learning simulation via mobile
4) Custom Gamified solutions based on the problem statement

Theatre Based Programs
1) Synergize to Win
2) Building Trusted Relationships & Team Motivation
3) Express to Impress
4) Mastering the Art of Theatre Based Facilitation

Transformative Coaching
1) The Emotionally Intelligent Leader
2) Business Coaching – Corporate’s, SME’s & Start-ups
3) Career Coaching for Students
4) Role Profiling and Organizational Development (ACDC based program)

Design Thinking
1) Design Thinking for Future-Ready organizations
2) HR Masterclass using Design Thinking
3) Design Thinking for Educational Institutions

Leadership Programs
1) Executive Presence
2) Excellence in Leadership Conversations
3) Formative Leadership
4) Challenging Status Quo – Building a culture of Innovation

Instructional Design
Don’t want to hire external expertise for the same session every time? Want to equip your internal teams, with facilitation expertise of external content? Is physical presence at all locations a constraint? Well we got a solution for you. We custom build the Instruction for your teams and equip them with the necessary tools to deliver content with only a one time investment.
1) Focus Group Discussions with Core Functions to be trained
2) Facilitator Guide with Notes & Activities
3) Tools/Frameworks/Methodologies associated with the course content
4) Train the Trainer for the core group who will deliver the session internally
5) Coaching on how to use the same content virtually to optimally utilize cost and maintain the same effectiveness

Connect with us to get the list of all programs that we deliver. We design and deliver our own content to maintain high standards of design and delivery for our clients. Some of the brochures are embedded for your perusal