Welcome to AUMASOLUTIONISTS. With 60+ years of cumulative experience, our expertise lies in helping organizations & educational institutions be future ready. Value-added services include Design Thinking, Consultation, Behavioural Training using the Flip ‘N’ Drip approach, Immersive Learning using Mobile Gaming, Theatre Based Programs, Counselling using Advanced DMIT & MBTI, Training for Educational Institutions, Process Improvement Solutions, Yoga & Pranic Healing services.

Trained over 300 professionals in Design Thinking since June 2018

100+ career maps created for students using Advanced DMIT

Helped Organizations identify & drive profitable growth opportunities to improve their revenue by 20% YOY

Delivered 300+ behavioural learning workshops across all levels of Management with an average satisfaction index of 92%

Helped Organizations reduce 5% of their annual wage bills by designing Assessment & Development Centres that amalgamated with their succession Planning models

Helped Organizations reduce their attrition rate on an average of 3% by designing career roadmaps by deploying various learning & development initiatives

More than 5000 hours of Yoga training deployed.