The Best Leadership Style

“The Future belongs to those who believe in Transformation and not Transaction”

With technology taking up a lot of the transactional tasks, the Leaders in an organization are expected to do much more. Leadership will not become easier in 2020 and beyond, though technology and automation may make certain processes faster. Multiple generations are entering the leadership space and with Gen Z coming in Leaders are facing a tough time matching up to their expectations and aspirations. Trends in the management of “human capital” have been a topic of leadership development for decades.

But today more than ever, effective, engaged leaders have to stay on top of current trends influencing their company, industry, employees, and the world at large if they are to continue to produce results. This is where most participants ask me as to “Which is the best leadership style according to you Bruhad?” and the only response I give is “Formative Leadership”. The next immediate thing that happens is participants start googling the words and end up getting multiple responses. Perplexed, they ask me again, “Can you explain this to us in detail” and here’s where I introduce to you another flagship module of mine that’s called Formative Leadership.

Formative Leadership focuses on Accelerated Centred thinking, Visualizing the Future, Human-Centred Approach and Transformative Coaching. Here’s a small sneak peak into these Focus Areas:

Accelerated Centred Thinking: This area focuses on disruptive innovation using conversations that deal with agility and responsiveness to change. Using proven tools and techniques the leaders start with the self and slowly move through 5-Step Unearthing process that helps them evolve into a more refined newer version of themselves, without having to change or tweak anything. Using reflective techniques leaders will internalize EI and focus on accelerated growth for their organization

Visualizing the Future: Using Picturization techniques the Leaders will chart out Journey Maps to visualize their future that will create a visual image of how they want to be seen in the future. I use this technique for career coaching as well for students and they have seen amazing results in the past 5 years. Using this technique, Leaders I coach have also been benefited through this approach and they are in a much happier space now

Human-Centred Approach: Amalgamating Design Thinking with Emotional Intelligence is a combination that many of my clients have loved. They see the actual applicability of Design Thinking in their personal and professional life. Using this approach Leaders will go through a series of ideation journeys that help them transform themselves and the people around them

Transformative Coaching: Using Internationally Accredited Transformation Coaching Techniques, I help Leaders realize their true potential and help them use their reflective zone to come up with permanent solutions rather than quick fixes. This helps them to realize the potential that they have and how to utilize these strengths to make it to the next level.

Well, to summarize a Formative Leader will have three essential skills that separate them from the rest. To the millennials who are reading this post, focus on these three areas to go beyond the obvious and find the right path:

Intuitive: Formative Leaders believe in their intuition and work hard on developing it. Yes, you heard it right, developing intuition. There are proven methods to improve intuition and if you are able to gain control over this skill, then you have unlocked your true potential as a Formative Leader. They get an edge over the others because of the uniqueness they showcase thanks to them knowing themselves better.

Transformationist: Formative Leaders not only believes in transforming themselves, but also others by becoming their guiding force. Giving advice is easy, giving solutions is sometimes easy, but transforming individuals to make them understand their true potential by mastering the art of questioning, is a very unique trait of a Formative Leader. When I work with Leaders, I help them with reflections that have changed their life completely and they are now taking it forward with their people to transform their lives. So, would you want to join the bandwagon?

Assimilator: Formative Leaders believe in Assimilation by leveraging strengths and creating complimentary roles, rather than focus on improving weaknesses. An Assimilator is the one who uses the best of each individual and works with those strengths to take the teams and the organization to the next level. Millennials and Gen Z need to understand that they have unique strengths and understanding them is an art. While everyone thinks they know themselves, it’s always good to get a coach who can help you through your transformation.

So, that’s a sneak peek into the module of Formative Leadership and while I am currently doing this for corporates, I have also been exhaustively using this for Students, Start-ups and SME’s. What are you waiting for? Are you ready to get on to the transformation journey by becoming a Formative Leader? Connect with me to know more and remember “Leadership is not about finding the right strategy, it is about empowering others to carry your leadership legacy forward”

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