Welcome to AUMASOLUTIONISTS - Inculcating a growth mindset is the key to success for any organization or business. We help you design your Future by enabling a transformative shift in the mindset to be future ready

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Get a sneak peek into the courses that can transform your life. Visit the section to know more about the courses that are currently on offer

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Transformative Coaching

Using ICF accredited Transformational Coaching Techniques, we help individuals and businesses become future ready. We not only for corporates, SMEs and Statrtups, but also provide Career Coaching and blueprinting for students who wish to chart out their career journeys

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Design Thinking solutions

Design Thinking is an area that most businesses are exploring today and we help them create their future ready business plans using a scientifically proven approach that helps participants in the organization think beyond the obvious and future proof their organizations vision

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Become the Guiding Force

“Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt” Human Trafficking is a serious offence and while the infographic makes you aware of how you can become the guiding force for others, here’s a small story that I’d like to share on my attempt at becoming a guiding force.

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The Magic Feather

Magic talismans have been around for a considerable length of time, however sadly they rarely are the creation of supernatural occurrences, anticipating the future, or foreseeing our ways throughout everyday life, on the off chance that anything, their capacity depends on legend and fleeting. Magic has been an interest for a large portion of us

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