Mastering Self-Management

“Anger is never without a reason, but seldom with a good one”

Often, we see that Anger and Emotions run our life and we wonder why that is the case. While I was with the Corporates, I faced similar issues when one fine day I had to say, enough is enough… Something had to change, but no result is instant so I got to take control of my anger and emotions for the change to happen. Stress levels were at an all time high and the circle of frustration was just growing every single day. There is a very thin line that separates right from wrong and when you’re blinded by anger, it is close to impossible to see it.

Much has been said about anger, an emotion that most of us experience often. We read about anger, we learn anger management tips, and we know that it is an emotion with the power to destroy, and yet when it comes to our own lives, it’s an altogether different story. What we typically try to do is control the anger and not let the emotions out, which is the worst thing to do. Controlling anger is not a solution, to which your question will be, what is it that I need to really control? The answer to that is Self-Management and not Anger Management

Have you ever experienced these scenarios?

  • You get irritated with smallest of things more often than you should
  • You are prone to get into fights/ugly arguments if people disagree with your thought process
  • You tend to hold on to thoughts for people who have caused harm to you
  • You spend a lot of time thinking about how to get back to those who have hurt you
  • You tend to hold on to your grudges for weeks
  • You tend to wake up angry and are angry all day
  • You get angry when you are being ill-treated
  • You have a habit of becoming sarcastic and use taunts to make the person realize their mistake, but continue to be angry for a longer period of time

If the answer to any of these questions is yes for more than 60% of the time in your life, attending this 2-day program on Self-Management helps you to balance your life and ensure that you get relieved from the circle of stress by simply applying the tools and techniques spoken about during the program. These are simple, practical and we play live during the program to help you solve your work-related problems right there in the classroom. Connect with me if you want to get insight on your Anger quotient by simply filling a questionnaire, absolutely free of cost.

Here are some tips that can help you manage your self in a better way:

  • 10 Minutes –> 21 Days: Choose any of the actions that lead to anger and practice the exact opposite for 10 minutes for 21 days at a stretch. Choose a specific time to do that and you will see that it automatically becomes a habit. For e.g. If you’re losing temper at the smallest of things, choose consciously to say the words “I haven’t got a reply from my friend on WhatsApp and this makes me angry. Know what, this is such a petty thing, I am not going to lose my temper on this”. Create a story about why WhatsApp messages are important to you, narrate the story and at the end of every statement in your story, use the statement mentioned above. After 10 Minutes, close your eyes, take a deep breath, rub your hands vigorously, place them on your eyes and slowly open your eyes. Do this for 21 days and see the difference
  • Compartmentalize: List down all your tasks and add the time spent on those tasks during the week. Divide them into 2 buckets, Things within my control, Things out of my control. Look at the time spent on those compartments and start focusing more on things that you can control. Don’t keep any target and do not visit this page again for 6 months. Do this activity again after 6 months and you will realize that more of the out of your control section have shifted to things in control. You will start staying happier than you were
  • Significance Dimension: Ask yourself this question, “How long will it matter” and if the answer to that is less than a year or less than 6 months, try putting it through the Attention funnel (A technique used in my program) that will help you to understand how you can find more time for yourself and become more productive by the day. For starters, if you haven’t yet attended the program, stop worrying about it as it’s not going to matter after a certain point in time

If you found value in the 3 tips that I shared here, I assure you that going through this 2-day module will help you to understand yourself and your work better than you ever did and as an added benefit I would also help you realize your worth in $/INR which will help you make better choices/decisions in life. Remember, “We cannot solve today’s challenges with yesterday’s thinking”. Connect with me to know more about my flagship module Self-Management.

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