Formative Leadership

“Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will”

Every leader today is a unique brand and with that brand comes unique characteristics that differentiate them from the rest. A lot of preaching happens to them around how to go about motivating their teams and every leader has a different formulae that he or she relies on. The question that came to my mind during one of the Leadership sessions I was conducting was which is the best way to motivate the team: Fear or Success. It was a very interesting debate that followed once this question was asked to the leaders and here are some insights that I’d like to share with you.1) Belief is that a little fear has to be there for teams to not start taking the leader for granted. However, it has to be the fear of not being able to perform to the potential rather than fear of consequence

2) Respect matters more than recognition or rewards. Rewards & Recognition may motivate the team for a short period of time but in the long run what will matter is when the team knows that they have their leader’s respect

3) Delegate to Empower and see the magic unfold. I’ve heard this many times, I can’t delegate it because he or she may not do it as good as I can or what if they fjnd excuses and in the end I have to do everything. Valid point. However Delegating to Empower helps you match the right employee to the right task and once that is done, you will be able to get away from Micromanagement

4) Practice what you Preach and Preach what you practice. Observation leads to more results than just stories, that is precisely where you need to storyshow rather than just storytell. Leading by example is one way to do it and the other way is to find solutions and discuss ideas rather than only problems

5) Influence to Align: It is often seen that Vision statements are dumped on individuals and thats why the team is unable to feel that connection. Bring your team together and align their individual goals with the team’s purpose that ultimately leads to the organizational vision

6) Decision making is key here as every other thing said about leadership is absolutely dependant on Decisions. Every decision you take will reflect on your team and your perception as a leader will be built basis the decisions you take. Demonstrating decisive actions will help your team trust you more than they currently do
You must be wondering that the “What” and the “Why” have been jotted down but where’s the “How”. My module “Formative Leadership” focuses on all these areas plus Emotional Intelligence and the SIP for success to help your Leaders build their own version 2.0
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