Channelizing your strengths

“Belief in the words “I AM” can make you achieve the impossible. Take risks, leverage your strengths & challenge yourself, for if you win, you may lead, and if you lose, you may guide”

My friend and I were on a trekking adventure and while roaming around we came across a village that seemed to have been burnt down. The trees had been burnt down, we saw wrecked oxcarts and other signs of destruction. Initially we were a bit scared to approach the village but we decided to go further. When we inquired about what had happened, we were told that a group of tribals had invaded from nearby villages and destroyed it thanks to some old rivalry. When we looked around the village, all the houses were reduced to smoldering ashes, except for one, which was untouched.

Amazed by this fact, we walked up to the door where an old woman sat and we asked her.“Every thing around is destroyed except for your house. How did you manage to escape?” The old woman, with a pleasant smile on her face replied, “All the men of our village were away fighting. When the tribals came with their torches to rob me and set fire to my house, I told them, ‘Come, come, for no one else is brave enough to enter. Everyone inside has scarlet fever. Help me tend to my sick family, but beware this disease can spread by touch.’ At this gesture, the tribals got scared and they ran away”

We wished her good luck and started our return journey absolutely amazed by the strength showcased by an old woman. She used 2 magical words “Scarlet and Fever” to make an entire group of tribals run away and this is very similar to the two magical words I’m going to introduce to you, which are “I AM”. If I were to give you an analogy here you would realize that the village is a symbol of impermanence. Possessions come and go, as do other people. Somehow we manage to cope up with the loss as we have a notion that we are permanent and our world is forever. Troubles/Problems are greedy and want to destroy everything, very similar to the tribals here. Holding out your arms to your troubles and saying “I AM” will make your problems retreat because there is nothing left for them to destroy. While the old woman lied about Scarlet Fever, you must tell the truth when you say “I AM”, and it’s not very difficult. When you are happy, experience happiness and when you are sad, experience a bit of sadness. They are absolutely the same and noticing it instead of sliding past it will help you emerge as a winner. Familiarity is your greatest ally and “I AM” is your being.

This National Youth Day pledge to leverage and channelize your strengths to grow in life. Fulfilling your desires can only become possible if you channelize your strengths. I’m going to give you a recipe that will help you immensely. I call it the SIP for success:

1) Self-Awareness: Awareness of the self is an absolute key to identifying what your core strengths are and how can you leverage them to achieve your unfulfilled desires. Get a pyschometric assessment done to find your strengths and search for roles that help you apply those strengths so that you can sharpen them over the next few years and channelize them to add value to yourself as well as your stakeholders that you work for

2) Influence: Influence people around you by showing them how channelizing strengths has gotten you success. Begin with people who matter the most to you, i.e. your spouse, children and friends who you care about. Helping them channelize their strengths will help you strengthen yours

3) Picturize your future: Avid readers can imagine an entire movie from a book, film makers can make you believe that the characters showcased in the film are real, Videos motivate you and make you feel more connected than mere words. Why is it that this happens? Picturizing your future helps you see a physical version of your imagination which reinforces you to do your best every single time and helps you channelize your strengths better

My dear friends, this National Youth Day, aka Yuwa Divas, I would urge all the youngsters to follow this SIP in order to help this country grow. Each individual possesses a unique talent and a combination of such unique channelized talents can make our country prosper. Remember “Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you thought you couldn’t”

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