Challenge your limits

“Starve your Distractions, Feed your Focus”

In the world of technology and smartphones, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay away from distractions which ultimately leads to limiting the challenges. Laziness creeps in and the “Chalta Hai, Dekha Jayega” attitude comes by. The easiest thing to do here is blame the external factors, for e.g. “There is so much going around in the world” “Where’s the world headed” “I don’t know why people behave the way they do” “What a funny video, it’s releasing my stress levels” and many more. Procrastination is the killer of all success is something that I picked up way back when I realized that I was doing something wrong. Focus on the words here “I realized” because the world can say anything to you but it is “YOU” who has to make a conscious choice of strengthening your focus.

Many “So called Motivational Speakers” and “So called Consultants” will give you a lot of advice on what you should do and use words like “You should” “You must” “You have to” and they make their money and move on. That motivation stays for a day or two, maximum up to a week because no one told you how you could avoid these distractions. How do you realize that “This is what I want to do and I am now going to make a conscious choice of strengthening my focus.” This is where my personal coaching intervention called “Discover Yourself – A 5 step process” will help you move to the next level with ease.

Here’s a few things that I tried and trust me they really worked. It’s helped me bring my concentration back on my focus and I am able to make conscious choices with ease. These tips have worked for me and may not necessarily work for you, but try it out as they are absolutely harmless:

  • Tip #1 – Creating your Focus Symbol: While coaching people I’ve realized that most people, and by most, I mean more than 90%, have very abstract thoughts and they are unable to determine what they want to do. Take a chart paper and ask yourself this question “What is the legacy that I want to leave behind”. You’ll have a lot of answers so just pen them down and continue to explore yourself. You will see a pattern/trend in the answers you give, so pick and choose that trend and make it your focus. Again, just picking it won’t help, thus create a picture that symbolizes your focus. This will help you to get a visual reinforcement of your focus area
  • Tip #2 – Make it a Habit: It sounds easy, and trust me, it is easy. Pick up a distraction and ensure you do the exact opposite of that for 10 minutes every hour for 21 days. For e.g. If you have a habit of checking your phone every time there’s a notification, create a reminder in your phone on “Do not pick the phone for the next 10 minutes”. Consciously make a choice of not picking it for 10 minutes even though the notification sounds keep bothering you. 22nd day, you would have changed this habit. Now there are 2-3 things that people ask me here, firstly, can’t we just put the phone on silent? My answer to that is Have you not tried it? Has it changed the way you behave? The answer always is “NO”. Understand the problem statement here, it’s you getting distracted when the notification sound comes, not when it doesn’t come. See the difference? Secondly, they say, what if there’s an emergency. Well, think about it yourself, if it is an Emergency, you will as it is not be able to focus on anything and again this is about you choosing to focus on something rather than situations that demand your attention. Please understand it’s a behavior change, and it takes time and effort. With different situations your actions will be different and if someone says, that you have to behave in the same manner irrespective of the situation, you know it’s a consultant or a motivational speaker talking to you. So, you can ignore those words
  • Tip #3 – Make the Impossible, Possible: Many a times we have this thought of, I don’t think I can do this or I don’t think this is possible. As soon as that thought comes to your mind, go ahead and attempt doing it. For e.g. Imagine you have a boss who is very demanding and is loading you with work. You aren’t able to say anything because you feel he’s too senior so you continue doing the work and feeling frustrated. What you need to do is, block a time on the calendar, go to your boss and explain the scenario on your burn out. Be absolutely candid on what you feel is happening with you and this will lead to a loss in productivity some day or the other. Along with that, present your boss with a solution as well, don’t just go with a problem. Trust me, 95 out of 100 times it works, and in the worst-case scenario, he/she will say No, it has to continue like this so take it or leave it. Then you have a choice to make and whatever choice you make will decide your result.
  • Tip #4 – Don’t stop with Success: The biggest mistake everyone does is become comfortable when they achieve success. Constantly challenging yourself is one way to Starve your distractions and Feed your Focus. The only way to become a better version of yourself is to keep stretching your targeted goals for success. It may not necessarily be quantifiable, but having stretched goals helps. For e.g. Let’s say you want to have peace of mind. Now this is something that can’t be quantified, but the actions that lead to this can be quantified right? If there are 5 actions that emerge out of your thought process and those 5 actions are achieved, you will get your peace of mind momentarily but it won’t last for long because things around would’ve changed and so would your actions to achieve that peace of mind. It may sound confusing to you but take a moment and reflect on it. Challenging yourself every time you’re successful just helps you to be better than you ever were and will start making you believe that you can achieve the impossible

There are many such tips that I could give you and trust me while I’m writing this piece, I am getting the urge to keep giving tips, but it doesn’t help because this is what I have experienced. It’s self-realization using reflective thinking that always gives you a solution that’s best suited to you. Every individual is different and so are the challenges. Do you really think a single solution helps? Never, thus I urge you to discover yourself using the 5-step process and get permanent solutions to challenges that you may be facing today, which will help you to future-proof your life. Remember “Every next level of your life will demand a different version of you”

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  1. Monica Reply

    A wonderful piece with such clarity of thoughts. Self- Realization and the inner will to change and be determined in the process of the change is needed. Even I have been constantly trying to work hard on this self process of learning… I really liked the very first thought where you have mentioned to visualize the pattern of your answers which would give the trend hence leading the clarity for a more focused approach…

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