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“Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt”

Human Trafficking is a serious offence and while the infographic makes you aware of how you can become the guiding force for others, here’s a small story that I’d like to share on my attempt at becoming a guiding force.

Our maid had a young daughter who she used to bring for cleaning utensils, sweeping & mopping the floor, stating that she needed to get in the money to sustain and due to the mother’s health issues, she wasn’t able to cope up. I used to travel a lot those days so didn’t realize this however when I was home one day and saw the young lady doing these jobs, I got extremely angry on my maid and asked her why is she involving a young child, who should be focusing on education and getting a decent job, in all these activities. She immediately responded “Sir, You educated people keep telling us and advising us to do things, but have you done anything to help us find sources of earning money. You get her a job and a secured monthly income and I’ll stop bringing her”. I was really angry at the response as we never expect them to respond to us. I didn’t respond and went back in a fit of rage. She must’ve understood that and next day she came and apologized for her behavior. I responded “You don’t need to apologize as what you’re saying is absolutely correct. Everyone loves to give advice but no one wants to help out. So here’s the deal, I will set your daughter up for an interview with the one who manage’s my father’s finances. He will speak to her and ensure that your daughter gets a decent job with a decent salary”. She willingly agreed and the interview was successful. Her daughter bagged the job and could now earn a decent income for her family.

Our maid shared a story after 3 months which really warmed my heart. She said that her daughter had started spreading knowledge about how to manage finances, after what she learnt at her work, and helping the other members of her chawl work hard to get a decent job in that space. She could manage to place 5 girls in different jobs thanks to the references given by her boss. These 6 families, who used to force their children into working as assistants to the maids, now have a secure job with a steady income that gives them a lot of respect in the society.

Well, I did my part in spreading the awareness and seeing what I could do in my surroundings. Many of us say, it’s too lengthy a procedure to do social work, which is fair, and that’s exactly why I’m requesting my reader’s to just try and change your surroundings in the smallest possible way because “Every drop of water will make a mighty ocean”. Become the guiding force for someone you know and help spread the awareness on Trafficking through small steps that you can take.

What’s your story? Who’s guiding force have you become?

Bruhad Buch

Founder of AUMASOLUTIONISTS, with more than a decade of professional service, believe that problems are moving targets and can be solved with a simple mindset change. I have multifaceted experience in businesses covering retail, financial services, EPC & Manufacturing Industries. I'm a Design thinking practitioner and In addition to being an MBTI practitioner, I am certified with a Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma, Instructional Design and also hold a Harvard Manage Mentor degree to my credit. In my career span, I have covered a gamut of functional areas in Human Resources Planning, Learning & Development, Organization Development, Talent Management and Talent Development while working with various organizations. Have been progressively responsible for Designing the Framework for L&D Activities, Innovation in Process Improvement, Instructional Design, Facilitating Behavioural Programs (Classroom Programs, Gamification, Virtual Classrooms, Learning Café’s, Outbound Programs, Blended Programs & Experiential Learning Programs), Conceptualizing, Planning and Executing various learning initiatives, Spearheading Change Management Initiatives, Conducting Assessment & Development Centre’s, Facilitating Capability Development Initiatives for Succession Planning and Management Development Programs across various levels of management. Expertise: Behavioral Training, Experiential Learning, Assessment & Development Centres, Development Action Planning, Content Development, Process Management, Data Analysis & Communication


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